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Did you know? Google has announced it will stop receiving data to Universal Analytics accounts in 2023.

If you are using Universal Analytics you need to start migrating to GA4.

Your analytics is the basis of your growth strategy, and you want the most exhaustive, up-to-date data available. However, your current analytics solution is hindering this objective. You need a new analytics system that will give you a return on the investment. It should be quick, easy, and reliable. GA4 gives you all these benefits. Migrating your analytics takes a lot of time and effort and there is a high chance you will make mistakes. The benefits are big, but the procedure of switching to GA4 is lengthy and complicated.

We offer services to execute the GA4 migration process as smoothly as possible, taking out the pain points like database migration.

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Universal Analytics
Vs Google Analytics 4


User-Centric Data with Privacy at its core. Due to improved reporting you will have more control over data collection and usage.

As compared to Universal Analytics, GA4 offers an event-based data measurement. Rather than relying on cookies, it measures the lived experience of your users, so that you can see how they’re using your site more accurately.

Google Analytics 4 generates more reliable, user-centric data with privacy at its core. With straightforward reporting, it grants you comprehensive controls over data collection and usage. This means you get to manage and minimize the collection of user-level data, such as cookies and metadata – all while retaining measurement functionality.

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GA4 Features

Сombine user behavior data from both web and mobile apps

Сombine user behavior data from both web and mobile apps

Use advanced analysis techniques that go beyond standard reports with GA4 Explorations

Use advanced analysis techniques that go beyond standard reports with GA4 Explorations

Power-up insights built-in machine learning and predicting modeling

Power-up insights built-in machine learning and predicting modeling

Enjoy peace of mind with a privacy-centric data model by design.

Enjoy peace of mind with a privacy-centric data model by design.

GA4 Migration & Implementation
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As Universal Analytics is being retired by July 2023, we provide you with the right tools and development support to put your best foot forward by

Setting up and configuring a brand new GA4 property with relevant data streams

Creating custom audiences so that you can launch targeted marketing campaigns

Configuring conversion tracking for you to effectively allocate your resources

Monitoring the dual data streams and continually checking back to optimize the synchronization process


What will happen if I don’t migrate to GA4 now?

If you don’t make the switch to GA4, you will miss out on the immense benefits that the analytics solution has to offer.

Besides, Universal Analytics will stop tracking data in July 2023, which will not only make the system obsolete but also pose risks to your historical data. This means that you might lose access to your old data while you set up GA4 for your websites. Switching to GA4 prior to July 2023 will ensure the least number of disturbances in your data reporting.

Also, the data in GA4 is not retroactive – it collects data at the point of creation. This means that the longer you postpone the switch, the longer you’ll have to wait for the year-over-year comparison data.

Yet, if you deploy GA4 now, you can start collecting year-over-year data for the future comparative analysis.

What happens to my Universal Analytics data when I migrate to GA4?

You will be able to view your historical data in Universal Analytics for at least 6 months after the deprecation date (July 2023). After that, you will no longer be able to access your historical data on the Google Analytics platform.

What is the difference between GA4 Standard and GA4 360?

GA4 Standard is the free-to-use version of GA4. Whereas GA4 360 is the paid version that involves a monthly subscription.

Once you obtain the New GA360, it will give you access to the following features:

  • Additional event metrics and higher sampling limits (1B events per query)
  • Sub and rollup properties
  • Extra metrics and custom dimensions
  • A higher limit for data export in BigQuery Export, allowing you to export billions of events daily
  • A higher data retention limit (up to 50 months)

How not to lose important Universal Analytics Data & keep my valuables when migrating to GA4?

The brand-new GA4 reporting interface provides you with improved data visualizations, privacy control options, and a new set of metrics for tracking engagement. By this, it produces a more complete view of user behavior and generates predictive insights.

When making the switch to GA4, you must be careful about transmitting valuable data. To avoid pitfalls, we recommend that you install GA4 and run it alongside Universal Analytics. This way, you will integrate the systems side-by-side, running new data collection models and retaining access to historical data.

With new, valuable reports, you can make smarter business decisions. We’ll help you complete your transition to GA4, so that you can start seeing trends and get the necessary insights to drive revenue.

To ensure a seamless migration, we address your enterprise measurement needs. We establish a solid data foundation that feeds in your data from Universal Analytics, making sure that your data syncs up perfectly during the transition.

All you need to do is give us your account access, outline your top priorities, and let us do the rest. At Fortis Media, we strive to supercharge your business efforts with the world’s most advanced analytics solution.

How many GA4 properties do I need?

Properties contain your reports based on the data you garner from your apps and sites. GA4 provides cross-platform tracking, which means it consolidates data from your web and app – all without any additional tags.

A simple rule of thumb would be using one GA4 property for each website. Yet, keep in mind that GA4 allows you to integrate both mobile app and website usage data in a single GA property.

Is GA4 useful if I don’t have a mobile app version of my website?

Yes, GA4 is useful even if you don’t have a mobile app version of your website. For instance, if a user visits your website on their desktop computer and revisits it on a mobile device, GA4 will consolidate both user journeys.

So, even if you don’t have a mobile app, GA4 will track the desktop and mobile versions of your website and deliver valuable insights.

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