Scale New Heights with the Leading B2B SEO Agency

Connecting with businesses online can be challenging. At Fortis Media, we excel at scaling your digital presence in challenging circumstances with unmatched B2B SEO services. Rapid ROI, dedicated B2B focus, and proven expertise in regulated markets – let’s make your mark!

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Working with top companies in the B2B industry

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Why choose our B2B SEO agency?

At the forefront of digital marketing services, Fortis Media understands the intricacies of the B2B industry.

Dedicated B2B focus

Our focus is singular — B2B organizations like yours. Our search marketing strategies are crafted with an understanding of B2B sales cycles, lead generation, and niche targeting.

Experience in highly regulated markets

With decades-long experience in complex industries, we implement SEO best practices that comply with industry regulations while pushing the boundaries of digital visibility.

Demonstrated ROI, fast

Our approach to SEO delivers a rapid return on investment. We make sure every optimization translates into tangible business value, so you see the growth that matters.

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How our B2B SEO services drive sustainable growth

On-page SEO for B2B website

On-page SEO for B2B websites

We’ll maximize your B2B website’s potential with custom-tailored on-page optimization strategies. Our B2B SEO agency prioritizes generating qualified leads and securing top ranking on search engine results pages with strategies like:

  • B2B keyword research and content strategy
  • Optimizing website structure and internal links
  • Enhancing user experience through website design optimization
  • Monetizing website traffic with CRO
  • Data monitoring and B2B strategy adjustments
Strategic link building for B2B Success

Strategic B2B link building

We specialize in tailored link-building strategies, securing high-quality, industry-relevant backlinks that enhance your B2B website’s authority and visibility. Our B2B off-page SEO strategies include:

  • Full-round link-building strategy for B2B
  • High-quality backlinks from authoritative sites
  • Guest posting and content outreach campaigns
  • Online reputation management for credibility
  • Backlink monitoring and maintenance
Technical SEO for B2B websites of any size

Technical SEO for B2B websites of any size

Our technical SEO solutions and SEO audit will optimize your B2B website’s structure, loading speeds, and visibility. Our technical SEO portfolio includes:

  • Technical SEO audits for your website
  • Core web vitals analysis with improvements
  • Metadata analysis and optimization
  • Checking and fixing broken links
  • Constant SEO performance monitoring
B2B-focused content marketing strategy

B2B-focused content marketing strategy

In B2B, a strong content strategy establishes trust and authority. We go beyond industry standards with engaging blogs, insightful whitepapers, and more. Position your brand as a trusted authority with our B2B content creation portfolio:

  • Adapting content for the B2B
  • High-quality content creation
  • Content optimization for audience search intent
  • Content marketing for lead generation
  • Email marketing campaigns
B2B paid search campaigns

B2B paid search campaigns

Tailored to the unique dynamics of the B2B, our paid search strategies PPC campaigns are designed to propel your business ahead in the competitive landscape. Our PPC portfolio includes:

  • Keyword research and optimization for B2B niches
  • Strategic ad copywriting
  • Targeted campaigns for B2B audience segments
  • Continuous performance monitoring and optimization
  • Landing page optimization for B2B conversions
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Our B2B SEO agency in numbers

With a proven track record and unwavering commitment to excellence, we’re a trusted partner in the B2B industry, helping companies thrive and stay ahead of the competition.


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Transform your reach with the winning B2B SEO Agency

Partner with Fortis Media to achieve digital dominance and unmatched visibility. Contact us today to embrace a winning B2B SEO strategy for excellence.

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B2B marketing requires creative solutions

Creating a winning B2B marketing strategy for an in-house marketing team has become a complex task in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With businesses constantly vying for attention online, it’s crucial to have a solid B2B SEO strategy in place to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why our SEO company offers tailored digital marketing solutions to help you reach your target audience and drive conversions. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithm updates to ensure that your B2B SEO strategy is always ahead of the curve.

  • Financial services
  • SaaS SEO services
  • Technology industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Healthcare
  • Local SEO strategies

Why SEO is a gateway to B2B growth

  • Increase your site’s visibility

    SEO helps your website appear in front of potential customers when they search for keywords related to your business. This is crucial, as studies have shown that the majority of users will only click on links from the first page of search results.

  • Attract quality leads

    With B2B companies, it’s all about targeting the right audience and generating high-quality leads. SEO allows you to do just that by targeting specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to your target market.

  • Build credibility and trust

    Think of SEO as a long-term investment. The efforts you put into optimizing your site pay off over time. As your domain authority grows, so does your online presence.

  • Drive organic traffic

    By optimizing your website and creating valuable content, you can attract more traffic from search engines without having to pay for expensive ads or campaigns.

Start your B2B SEO campaign in 4 steps

Embark on your SEO journey with Fortis Media, where we prioritize clear communication, transparency, and active involvement.
Step 1

Onboarding and valuable insights

We'll get a thorough understanding of your B2B business, potential leads, and goals. This will allow us to develop a tailored B2B SEO strategy that aligns with your KPIs.

Step 2

Strategy in action

After grasping your business, we'll implement our B2B SEO strategy. This involves keyword research, on-page optimization, and off-page link building.

Step 3

Data-driven refinement

We use data to analyze and monitor your B2B SEO campaigns. By tracking website traffic, Google rankings, and conversions, we optimize your strategy for the best results.

Step 4

Ongoing support and peace of mind

We don't just set it and forget it. Our SEO team will continually monitor and optimize your B2B SEO strategy for maximum results.

Ready to drive organic traffic to your B2B site?

Let's talk and begin crafting a strategy that delivers the results you deserve.

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What to expect from your B2B SEO strategy

  • Drive sales qualified leads to your B2B site

  • Appear on the first page of Google search

  • Higher conversions and ROI for your B2B product

  • Ongoing support and monitoring


iGaming SEO experts

Fortis is fantastic to work with. Their team is not only extremely professional and talented, they’re also flexible and have been able to bolster resources very quickly as we’ve increased the scope of the project.


Co-Founders of Fresh Clean Threads
Oksana Arbaciauskaite CMO of Genome profile

Fortis Media goes above and beyond. Their dedication to offer solutions for our complex problems sets them apart. It’s not just about pushing services, they invest time to look for tailored solutions and positive change opportunities. Fortis Media is more than a service provider, they’re strategic allies too. Highly recommended for their dedication and personalized approach.

Oksana Arbačiauskaitė

CMO of Genome
Drops Clinic Fortis Media SEO services

Working with Fortis Media, a standout digital marketing agency, was a game-changer for our healthcare startup. They crafted a tailored SEO strategy that took our organic traffic from zero to over 6,000 visitors a month in record time. Their flexibility and deep SEO expertise were impressive. I would really recommend Fortis Media for anyone seeking remarkable digital marketing results.

Džiuljeta Rainytė

CEO of Drops Clinic


  • What is a B2B SEO agency?


    B2B SEO agencies like Fortis Media specialize in providing highly customized search engine optimization services for B2B companies. With their expertise and understanding of the B2B landscape, SEO companies offer strategies to improve online visibility, increase organic traffic, and generate high-quality leads. By leveraging cutting-edge SEO techniques, SEO consultants help B2B brands reach their potential leads on search engines, establish authority, and drive business growth.

  • Does SEO services work for B2B?


    Absolutely! SEO firms focused on B2B can help with search visibility, high-quality traffic, and qualified lead generation. Optimize meta descriptions and other tags, website structure, content, and keywords to establish a strong online presence, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions. It’s indispensable for long-term success in the competitive B2B landscape.

  • How is B2B SEO services different?


    B2B SEO, or business-to-business search engine optimization, revolves around implementing strategies that are tailored to the unique nature of businesses. Moreover, it takes into account the longer sales cycle typically associated with B2B transactions. By understanding these intricacies, businesses can optimize their online presence to effectively reach and engage their audience in the B2B space.

  • What is the conversion rate for B2B SEO?


    The conversion rate for B2B SEO can vary depending on various factors such as the industry, target audience, and specific goals of the business. However, studies have shown that B2B companies who implement SEO strategies see an average increase of 14% in their conversion rates. This can be attributed to the fact that B2B SEO helps businesses establish a strong online presence and attract high-quality leads, leading to better conversions and sales opportunities. A higher conversion rate not only brings in more revenue but also ensures long-term success for businesses in the competitive B2B landscape.