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Fortis Media offers SEO & digital marketing services aimed at optimizing your website and grow traffic. We’re here to propel businesses forward with partnership based on proof, not promises.


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A marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines how a company will reach its target audience and achieve its business goals within a set timeframe. The process of developing a marketing strategy typically includes clarifying your strategic goals, setting KPIs and choosing the right marketing mix. Fortis Media can handle your digital marketing strategy from ideation to execution.

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Tailored Digital Strategy

Graphic Design

WEB Development

Video Content

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Tailored Digital Strategy

A comprehensive market analysis is key to a successful digital marketing strategy: researching your target audience, competitors and the overall market trends will help you identify opportunities and threats, and inform your next steps.

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Graphic Design

Good design is more than great aesthetics, usability and easy of use can determine if your customers become loyal advocates of the brand. Our graphic designers will help you to tell your story in a visually appealing and effective way.

WEB Development

At Fortis Media, we design, redesign, migrate and continuously support customer-facing and enterprise web apps to achieve high conversion and adoption rates.

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Video Content

By collaborating with leading creative agencies to deliver video content monetization within the sports, sports wagering and iGaming industries.

TOGETHER we create the perfect digital strategy for your business


Paid advertising is a great way increase visibility fast. With paid ads you have the control over who sees them and can target specific audiences with tailored messaging that will appeal directly to them.

One of the most attractive aspects of paid advertising is that it’s relatively easy to track your return on investment (ROI). You can track how many people see your ads, how many click on them, and how much revenue is generated through them. Using real-time data our team will adjust campaigns so you get the most bang for your buck.

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We’ve been managing paid search since shortly after it was created and remain one of the original Google Certified Partners. We’ve since earned the elite Google Premier Partner status putting us into the top 3% of all Google Partners worldwide. But we do more than just focus on keywords and ad copy. We work with your marketing teams to ensure your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts are properly connected for the most accurate data. We target specific audiences to drive business and help optimize landing pages and content so users take action. We then share that data with our SEO team to ensure a holistic strategy and a create cross-channel success.

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