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SEO Services provided by Fortis Media:

iGaming SEO Strategy

Conversion Optimisation

Google Penalty Removal

Mobile iGaming SEO

iGaming SEO Strategy

We create a comprehensive SEO strategy to assist your business in becoming the market leader, whether you’re launching a new brand, entering a new stage of your business or improving an existing product.

Our analytical and technical knowledge empowered by years of experience with various iGaming platforms will overcome even the most complicated on-page SEO and website architectural challenges

Conversion Optimisation

You can only consider a real money player worthwhile if you can assign them a high LTV (Lifetime Value). Advertising strategies, marketing platforms and even Organic Search keywords may have a huge impact on LTVs.

In order to have an impact on marketing goals and budget allocation, we collaborate with iGaming businesses to determine which traffic sources and keywords have the greatest LTV and the best conversion rates.

Google Penalty Removal

There aren’t many well-known iGaming websites that haven’t experienced a Google Penalty, blacklisting or ranking suppression at some point.

SEO agencies are under pressure to provide results quickly, and operators want to see RMPs pouring in to justify marketing investment. Dealing with the fallout takes time and careful planning – you only have one shot at regaining Google’s favor.

Mobile iGaming SEO

Many operators are seeing SEO traffic from mobile exceeding desktop traffic, as well as an increase in overall mobile traffic. Google has previously displayed different search results to mobile users, prioritizing those that are speedy, responsive, and provide an excellent mobile user experience.

However, Google’s mobile results are gradually becoming the default, and the company has also established “PageSpeed” as a crucial ranking criterion for websites.


We have expertise in several unique markets from gambling to blockchain worldwide and will help companies big and small across the iGaming industry to reach their digital business goals.


Why SEO services provided by SEO agency are important to your iGaming business?

Comprehensive SEO & PPC Understanding

Our SEO & PPC team has extensive organic and paid search expertise, giving them a thorough grasp of SEO and PPC and how to get the most out of your search marketing strategy. Your investments, our work, your cooperation help our results match your expectations.

Expedient Paid Search & SEO Strategy

SEO and PPC planning and strategy are critical components of a successful search marketing campaign. Once the client has accepted the SEO or PPC plan, our SEO or paid search team members will put it into action and integrate it into the larger digital marketing effort.

Devoted To Your Business Account Manager

Each SEO and PPC customer will be given an assigned account manager whose mission is to collaborate with the client and the PPC team to achieve all campaign targets and objectives.

Prime Strategic Reporting

We are committed to providing a brand with long-term, sustainable results. We are always focused on performance and achieving ROI for your brand, which is why we analyze campaigns using extensive information – and we provide complete transparency on our approach.


Fortis is fantastic to work with. Their team is not only extremely professional and talented, they’re also flexible and have been able to bolster resources very quickly as we’ve increased the scope of the project


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