About us

Fortis Media is an SEO agency based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our team brings together experienced professionals with credentials in affiliate marketing, software development and content management. We work together to provide trustworthy digital marketing solutions for the most challenging business problems that will inspire positive change. We have 4 core values through which we base our relationship with our clients: trust, positivity, cooperation and purpose.


Meet our team


Justinas Bėčius

Justinas has 10+ of experience in managing digital marketing teams. He comes from the online gaming/affiliate industry. Justinas loves technology and he likes going to weird places.

Digital Marketing Manager

Ugnė Staniulionytė

When not wandering in the mountains or running for 4 hours straight, Ugne is making our clients visible, recognizable, and profitable across digital marketing channels.

On-site Team Lead

Аivаrаs Rаmoškа

Knows the best SEO tools and methods available towards researching keywords, analyzing competitors, developing content strategies and finds the best plan of attack for each client.

Outreach Specialist

Greta Matuzevičiūtė

There are many things she likes to do (sports), see (the world) and experience (moments). The area she specializes in - SEO & brand awareness.

Content Manager

Jorge Costa

With a background in Journalism, Media & Communication, Jorge is responsible for Fortis Media content quality. He produces, manages and optimizes content for on-page and off-site SEO.

SEO Specialist

Kristijonas Klečkauskas

When not traveling or playing basketball, Kristijonas is responsible for creating SEO strategies, conducting keyword researches and auditing technical SEO for clients.

Ad Ops Specialist

Bernardas Prušinskas

Passionate about three things: ad tech, bass guitars and analog synthesizers. Educated in these, as well. Takes care of Ad Operations.

Junior SEO Specialist

Paulius Narkevičius

As a lifelong footballer and a graduate in economics, Paulius uses his competitive drive and analytical thinking in digital marketing to make sure the client always wins.

Our Values


Every client we work with gives us their trust in the quality, transparency and competence of our work. Trust is the foundation for a solid and healthy professional relationship.


We listen to your suggestions and feedback. Your company’s personality matters, and we can only achieve the perfect final product through cooperation. Fortis Media believes that cooperation is how we add value to any project: everyone assisting each other for a common goal.


In Fortis Media we believe in your company and we will try to help you find answers to your problems. Approaching our clients with a positive attitude, serves as motivation to overcome any obstacles.


We encourage you to define goals, so you can understand the purpose of our work together. Purpose is the destination you aim for in your journey. Fortis Media pushes you forward to that purpose, finding solutions that guide you in the right direction.

We're great listeners and even better problem-solvers.

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