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We work together to provide trustworthy digital marketing solutions for the most challenging business problems that will inspire positive change. As a team with more than a decade of experience in Digital Marketing we offer the most effective and cutting-edge ways to accelerate our clients digital growth. Employing only the best digital marketers, Fortis Media team meets digital business challenges with sharp analytics and interactive solutions.

Meet our team

Justinas Bėčius CEO

Justinas has 10+ of experience in managing digital marketing teams. He comes from the online gaming/affiliate industry. Justinas loves technology and he likes going to weird places.

Arturas Stukalo Chief Business Development Officer

Business development and new challenges are his driving force. His determination comes from years of exploring new opportunities and ideas.

Gabrielė Meliūnaitė SEO Outreach Team Lead

If you don’t see her hiking and skiing in the mountains, running along Neris or exercising at the gym, Gabrielė is taking care of digital marketing solutions at Fortis Media.

Аivаrаs Rаmoškа SEO Team Lead

Knows the best SEO methods to help clients reach sustainable organic growth online. A technical genius and a master of keyword research, competitors analysis and content strategies, Aivaras puts together the best action plan for our unique clients.

Jorge Costa Content Manager

With a background in Journalism, Media & Communication, Jorge is responsible for Fortis Media content quality. He produces, manages and optimizes content for on-page and off-site SEO.

Maja Lynikas Project Manager

She thrives on challenges, revels in nature’s beauty, and excels in effective communication. With a keen love for planning, Maja navigates the digital landscape with a strategic approach.

Edgaras Šviežauskas Off-Site SEO Team Lead

When not playing with his dogs or reading psychological books, he is focusing on off-site SEO and takes care of our ever-expanding outreach team.

Jonas Gritėnas SEO Outreach Specialist

While being focused on enhancing businesses’ online visibility and elevating their search engine rankings, he still finds time for reading and hunting vintage books online.

Enrika Maziliauskaitė SEO Outreach Specialist

SEO outreach specialist Enrika is highly motivated to craft effective outreach campaigns to build high-quality backlinks and improve search engine rankings. She is dedicated to driving results and staying ahead in outreach strategies.

Markas Martinas Šuika
Markas Martinas Šuika On-Site SEO Specialist

Markas, with over 3 years of SEO experience, combines a strong technical background with expertise in programming, UX/UI, and data analysis to enhance our clients’ online presence. Off the clock, he enjoys football and staying active.

Miglė Bačinskaitė On-Site SEO Specialist

With almost 4 years of industry experience, Migle is a skilled SEO specialist recognized for her expertise in content strategy. She is committed to helping businesses maximize their online presence through effective SEO and CRO methods.

Livija Kasteckaitė
Livija Kasteckaitė Content Manager

Livija, our skilled Content Manager at Fortis Media. She crafts and polishes stories for the digital stage, ensuring they sing with SEO. Off-duty, she is lost in books or capturing nature’s wonders through her lens.







Our Values



We listen to your suggestions and feedback. Your company’s personality matters, and we can only achieve the perfect final product through cooperation. Fortis Media believes that cooperation is how we add value to any project: everyone assisting each other for a common goal.



At Fortis Media we believe in your company and try to help you find answers to your business problems. Approaching our clients with a positive attitude, serves as motivation to overcome any obstacles.



Every client we work with gives us their trust in the quality, transparency and competence of our work. Trust is the foundation for a solid and healthy professional relationship.



We encourage you to define goals, so you can understand the purpose of our work together. Purpose is the destination you aim for in your journey. Fortis Media pushes you forward to that purpose, finding solutions that guide you in the right direction.


We’re great listeners and even better problem-solvers.

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