Digital Marketing in iGaming Industry: Trends and Predictions Next 5 Years

Online casinos and gaming platforms have taken center stage in the fast-paced world of iGaming, where digital marketing plays a vital role in attracting and engaging players. Adapting to ever-changing landscapes and emerging technologies is essential for digital marketers.

To navigate this dynamic environment successfully, it is essential to understand the future of digital marketing in iGaming. The increasing popularity of online casinos is the main driver of this growth, further fueled by customers’ increased spending and the potential for more accessible governmental regulations. But what are the expected predictions and trends for the next five years?

This article will define iGaming and answer a question – why it’s becoming so popular? Furthermore, we’ll explore the latest forecasts and trends expected to influence the industry’s digital marketing strategies.

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What is iGaming?

Imagine entering a virtual world where you can play your favorite casino games anytime, anywhere, without leaving your home. That is iGaming has transformed how we experience gambling and entertainment.

In this fantastical realm, traditional brick-and-mortar casinos transform into captivating digital platforms that offer various games. From classic card games like poker and blackjack to thrilling slot machines and roulette, you can find it all at the click of a button.

iGaming can be classified into two distinct categories:

Online Casinos

Online casinos offer a range of games, including slots, poker, roulette, and baccarat. Operators create new themes and rewards to attract players, making fruit machines top-rated.

Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting involves predicting the outcome of a sporting event to win cash rewards. This form of betting includes sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, rugby, American football, and even e-sports.

Why is it Becoming So Popular?

According to IMARC Group, the online gaming business is currently valued at an astounding $88.65 billion, with a forecast increase of up to $133.9 billion by 2028. This industry is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.60% between 2023 and 2028, demonstrating its enormous growth potential.

The growth of online gambling is closely tied to the adoption of the Internet into our daily lives. As our culture rapidly embraces the digital realm, so does the desire for this type of entertainment. This sector’s success is due to various causes, including cultural acceptance, legalization, accessibility, celebrity endorsements, and corporate sponsorships.

The online gaming industry is reaching new heights because of innovative technology. Game creators can now create immersive and interactive experiences thanks to augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud iGaming, and 5G networks.

iGaming Trends for the Next 5 Years

Embracing the VR Wave

VR is a fantastic computer technology that creates a simulated environment that can be explored 360 degrees. The future with VR begins as Apple Vision Pro has been released. VR sets itself apart by immersing users in a virtual world instead of relying on conventional interfaces, providing a beautiful and realistic encounter.

The industry is rapidly expanding, and it is expected that by 2028, the global VR market size will rise to 53.44 billion dollars. The anticipated growth will benefit enterprise and consumer sectors, including the VR gaming industry.

Research also suggests that 171 million people are using VR worldwide, and the demand for this technology is growing. This growth is having a significant impact on the iGaming industry. And interestingly, China spends the most on VR projects, with a $72.8 billion project budget set for 2024.

More gamers are flocking to iGaming as a form of entertainment as virtual worlds become more popular and immersive. Additional laws will likely be enacted to ensure safe and ethical gambling practices and protect players from fraud.

Virtual reality gaming has expanded dramatically, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in one-of-a-kind gaming experiences. As a result, virtual reality casinos and other gaming companies have emerged.

Credit for Chart to Zippia

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to a recent analysis, the AI Market will proliferate, with a projected CAGR of 35.6% from 2023 to 2028. The market is expected to expand from USD 11.3 billion to USD 51.8 billion during this time.

While AI has already been used in gaming, its full potential has not yet been realized. Because AI provides audio recognition, voice control, and assists in many operational areas of the iGaming industry, such as marketing and customer service, it can enhance gaming experiences.

The immersive and customized gaming experience is enhanced by incorporating artificial intelligence. By analyzing player activity using AI algorithms, gaming platforms can provide customized experiences for each player.

Cloud Gaming

Between 2023 and 2028, the global sector is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 30%. Expanding enterprises can take advantage of this opportunity.

Cloud-based gaming enables players to engage in gaming activities without the need to download them onto their devices. This has enriched the range of available games and simplified accessibility for gamers.

The realm of interactive gaming is in a constant state of transformation, leveraging state-of-the-art advancements to enhance users’ gaming encounters. The iGaming industry is poised to deliver even more exhilarating games as technology progresses.

5G Network Connectivity

The global implementation of 5G technology will have an impact on various industries, including iGaming. The development and expansion of live casino games will reach unprecedented levels with the enhanced capabilities offered by 5G, delivering players with an immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

In different respects, the 5G network has the potential to transform the iGaming sector:

Enhanced network bandwidth

There is nothing quite like a seamless internet connection, and with 5G, it is 100 times faster than 4G internet.

Improved virtual reality games

Virtual reality gaming experiences can become more captivating and accessible to a wider audience due to 5G’s high network speeds and connectivity.

Adaptive gaming

5G provides an AI-driven interactive gaming experience that adjusts to players’ actions and choices, enhances gameplay, and supports user-generated content.

Novel payment choices

Were you aware that 5G enables faster and smoother payment methods? These include mobile and cryptocurrency payments, offering iGaming customers increased convenience. As the popularity of crypto payments continues to grow.

Live Video Streaming is Becoming Increasingly Popular

The global live streaming market is worth USD 1219.19 million in 2022 and is expected to be worth USD 6555.32 million by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.40% over the forecast period.

Businesses can prepare for the growing popularity of live-streaming video by: 

Creating a video strategy

First, you need a plan; think about how video content can fit your marketing strategy and what platforms you can use it. There are many venues to choose from, so it is essential to pick the right platform for your company.

Investing in quality equipment

High-quality videos are critical, as the ones with bad quality will get fewer views and lose the potential audience. Don’t forget to include good cameras, make sure the sound is at the right volume, and don’t forget about lighting, it can improve your video quality.

Building an audience

Use your social media platforms to promote your live streams to your followers. In this way, you will encourage more engagement and interaction. And don’t share it only on one social media platform; spread the news on all your media in that way you will spread ability to reach larger audience.

Engaging with viewers

Live chat will never die; respond to comments and questions in real-time during live streams. In that way, you will build a sense of community and increase audience engagement. 

Measuring success

Lastly, don’t forget to track your results; not always will you succeed, but if you analyze your mistakes and make more and different content, you will find your way to grow.

iGaming Predictions for the Next 5 Years

Increased Metaverse Popularity in iGaming

Metaverse gaming is one of the biggest game changers in iGaming. Through online virtual worlds, games, and simulations, players can interact with each other. Players and developers benefit from Unity’s 3D metaverse gaming, which focuses on the social aspect.

The potential for an all-encompassing virtual community is vast, and this trend is expected to continue as technology advances. Online betting may not be new, but the metaverse has the power to create a new era of socializing and gambling from the comfort of your own home with your digital avatar.

How could it help your digital marketing?

Companies must prioritize the metaverse to effectively target the younger generations, including Gen Z and millennials, as this area is of utmost interest to these groups.

A virtual world reflected in a metaverse allows businesses to express their brand beyond traditional media. Creating unique and immersive customer experiences is possible, thanks to the limitless possibilities.

Credit for chart to

One example is a clever brand marketing initiative AMD teamed up with Fortnite in the Metaverse. As a giveaway prize, a gaming PC equipped with AMD hardware generated significant buzz and motivated players to participate in brand-sponsored game modes. By doing so, AMD’s products are significantly more connected to the gaming experience.

It shows how brands can utilize the Metaverse and gaming platforms to create engaging experiences that promote their products or services. By integrating their brand into popular games like Fortnite, companies can interact with a large player base, highlight their products visually, and generate excitement through unique game modes and giveaways.

Esports Will Expand

There has been a significant surge in growth in the Esports sector, and this trend is expected to continue for the next ten years. Globally, Esports betting is expected to reach $24.19 billion by 2028, with a projected growth rate of 13.7% between 2023 and 2028. As a result, it has evolved beyond competitive gaming to include merchandise, content creation, and mainstream media coverage.

What do you need to know about Esports?

Half of Gen Z and millennial gamers express their interest, highlighting that younger audiences typically prefer Esports. It is important to note this preference.

Gen Z is likelier to engage with esports on social media, while millennials are likelier to buy content. For brands, which means approaching both groups differently but always keeping the digital content front of mind. Social media has a growing influence on both generations, especially video platforms and community-oriented messaging services like Discord, Snapchat, Twitch, and Reddit.

They spend more time on social media than the average gamer, with those who get their gaming information from social platforms also more likely to use them to watch live streams.

Credit for chart to GWI – The Global Media Landscape

TikTok introduced LIVE Subscription in May 2022, a monthly fee enabling users to show support for their favorite live creators, with their TikTok made me play it global gaming event.

In some regions, the gambling industry needs assistance with legality. Despite this, more countries are legalizing betting, potentially opening new market opportunities. Athletes and celebrities’ partner with esports organizations like Complexity Gaming and 100 Thieves to expand their fan bases. Through this approach, they can appeal to a broader audience than just gamers.

Originally, influential gaming creators on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch led the development of various products, merchandise, and a complete content ecosystem, transforming esports from competitive gaming into something much more.

In general, esports has augmented the range of players and gaming titles accessible to the public. Moreover, it has contributed to normalizing the esports realm and enhancing its accessibility, resulting in more individuals engaging in online gaming. As esports continue gaining popularity, its impact on the iGaming sector will persist.

All in All

Within the future, there are numerous promising developing patterns and forecasts for computerized showcasing in iGaming. With innovative innovations such as virtual reality, fake insights, cloud gaming, 5G network, and live video gushing, gaming is anticipated to be upgraded, players will be able to lock in with more substance, and audiences will be able to associate with the recreations in a more immersive way.

Presently brands can lock in with more youthful eras and give immersive encounters through the rise of the metaverse and the broadening of esports. To stay competitive within the iGaming segment, computerized marketers must grasp these rising developments, alter to the changing environment, and take advantage of the industry’s potential for growth.

Suppose you ever doubt your ability to create an effective digital marketing strategy. In that case, you can always rely on the expertise of the Fortis Media team, who are knowledgeable about upcoming trends in the field.


How To Rank On The First Page of Google

It is a well-known fact that if it exists it’s on the first page of your Google search. Actually, 75% of the users don’t go past the first page of Google to find the answers they were looking for.

So, how can you rank in the first page of Google today? Well, to appear on the first page of Google for competitive keywords related to your business niche is a complex and ongoing process. In fact, you will need to invest time and effort.

Besides having patience, the most important attitude is to be consistent with your SEO efforts. Eventually you will see the results.

Throughout the years, Fortis Media has improved its processes, testing different tools and approaches until finding the right one for each specific case. Thus, here are 10 tips that might be useful if you want to know how to rank in the first page of Google.

1) Perfect your user experience

Think about it. If you own a restaurant or a cafe and you want your clients to come back and spread the word about your business, you need to provide a good customer experience, right? From the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave, every detail matters.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you loved the food, but the table service was disappointing? Or perhaps it took so much time for you to get your meal that when it arrives you are more angry than hungry.

Well, a website is similar. It might have good content, but maybe the navigation is so difficult, and the loading time is so high that eventually you decide to look in another place. And the truth is that the world wide web is an endless chain of restaurants: if your client is not satisfied with what they find on your page, they will go elsewhere immediately to satisfy their hunger.

Latest stats show that a 2-second delay in the load time of a website results in abandonment rates of up to 87%.

To make sure your users have a 5-star experience when visiting your website make sure your images have defined dimensions and are in the right format. Google developers recommend WebP.

Also, you can identify the problems of your website on Google’s PageSpeed Insights. You should perform a Core Web Vitals evaluation too.

Besides the technical details, your website should be optimized for mobile devices and your content should have satisfying readability.

2) Create valuable content

Customer service is important in a restaurant, but the quality of your meal is what will make you come back, right? In a website, your meal is content. The better and more unique your content is, the more likely you are to have returning visitors.

Plus, if you create enjoyable content and get returning visitors, Google will take notice, and your website will climb up the rankings.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to create content. With the rise of AI tools, like Chat GPT, anyone can populate their website with content without too much effort. So, how to make your content stand out among the competition?

Storytelling is your answer. One thing that AI is (for now) unable to mimic is empathy. Nobody knows your target audience better than you. Tell a story to your target audience that they find relatable. The key for optimized marketing storytelling is defining the exposition, conflict and solution.

First you will want to expose a problem that your target audience often faces. Identifying it might involve keyword research to know what the most searched questions from your intended public are.

Secondly, you want to develop the problem into a conflict, illustrating it with quotes, examples, statistics.

And finally, you want to end up in a solution, demonstrating how your brand and/or products can assist in the resolution of the conflict.

Ideally your content should end in a call to action, inviting your audience to buy a specific product, download an app or make a change in their lifestyle.

3) Setup your Google My Business profile

To certify yourself that your content is optimized for the Google algorithm you must set up a Google My Business profile. Why is that?

Google My Business will give details of your business to your customers. It allows you to provide details and photos of your company, which includes your location, services and products.

After doing it, check regularly if you need to update it. You don’t want your business to look outdated and give the wrong impression to your current or potential new clients.

Be aware that this feature is only useful for businesses that have a physical location. If your business is online only you should stick with Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Setup your Google My Business profile

4) Dominate long-tail keywords

SEO involves a lot of keyword research and optimization, to find the best low hanging fruits: these are the easiest opportunities for your business to get in the front page of Google searches.

Imagine there are two relevant keywords for your niche, both with 4K of users per month. However, in one of them you will have to compete with high authority websites, while the other has a lower keyword difficulty. It is easy to know which one is the quickest road you should take, right?

Very often the low hanging fruits are long-tail keywords. There are three types of keywords: the head keywords, the middle ones and long-tails. For example, you are trying to promote your sports shoes business. A ‘head’ keyword would be “sneakers”, which is the most obvious one, but as you would expect there is already a lot of competition there.

So, let’s try something more specific? Something like “white NIKE sneakers”. This is a middle keyword, it is more specific, but it is still likely that you will find plenty of competition, especially if you are just launching your online business.

You need to dig deeper into keywords that are even more specific. For example: “best white nike sneakers for volleyball players”. This long-tailed keyword targets a specific audience (volleyball players) and includes the product you are trying to promote.

Even though it obviously gets less searches per month than head or middle keywords, long-tailed keywords are easier to rank for. If you add a few of these together your organic traffic will rise, slowly but steadily.

5) Create next-level content

We already mentioned the importance of creating quality valuable content, to stand out among the competition. Still, if you want to take it to the next level you must make your content as versatile as possible.

What does it mean to create next level content? It means you should adapt your content to different platforms, making it available in social media, in video format, infographics, etc. You can repurpose the articles that are more popular on your website, turning them into a top 10 video and publish it on your YouTube channel. Or instead convert it into an Instagram story or a TikTok.

Perhaps, your content is a thorough case study or business analysis that highlights the success of your company’s processes or the latest industry trends? Turn your data into an infographic and publish it in Linkedin.

The more you repurpose your content for different platforms the more likely you are to create a faithful target audience and increase your brand awareness.

6) Competitor analysis

One of the most crucial parts of any SEO strategy is competitor analysis. Analyzing the competition will help you to understand what the best practices in your industry are and also spot your competitor’s weaknesses, where you can outperform them.

To do a proper competitor analysis start by making a list of your main competitors. You can either use keyword research tools, such as SEMRush or AhRefs, or you can simply do research for the most important keywords in your niche and take note of who is currently on the first page of Google.

After listing your main competitors and doing some analysis of them, you should check what their targeted customers are and how they address them.

Then try to see what media they are using to promote their brand and services. Are they active in social media? Do they have paid traffic? Do they produce only written content, or do they also have videos, infographics and other creative forms of content?

Following this you should make a comparison between their strengths and flaws and your own. Try to be as impartial as possible: it’s important you are able to see what your limitations are and how you can improve.

Finally, to conclude the competitor analysis, research into the market. How is the industry you are trying to rank currently performing? Are the projections for the future optimistic?

Competitor analysis

7) Earn & Build high quality backlinks

The main path for increasing your website’s organic traffic is backlinks. And for that there is no other way around: you will need the assistance of an experienced SEO marketing agency.

Why is that? Why can’t you simply get backlinks on your own? Backlinks are guest posts in high-authority websites that are relevant to your website’s niche, which will include a link to your website, inserted in a contextual manner. There are a lot of websites that accept guest posts, even from newly created websites, but they often ask you for a publication fee.

So, in order to decrease the cost and the time spent searching for websites that have high metrics and that are appropriate for your target audience, your best solution is to request the services of an experienced SEO agency.

They will have already a list of links that they can provide, and they can also act as intermediaries between you (the target URL) and the webmaster (the guest website owner).

Backlinks are the second most important Google ranking factor, just behind content. These links will point to your website, increasing your authority and gradually raising your position in Google pages for relevant queries.

8) Use Search Analytics To Stay On Top

You might be asking what search analytics is and why do you need it? We already mentioned before that one of the most useful tools for your website is Google Analytics.

Nevertheless, sometimes Google Analytics isn’t enough. Search analytics examine if you are capitalizing on your existing traffic. So, using different search analytics tools, with different metrics and analysis factors, you can create a whole view of your buying persona: your current customers/visitors and your potential future customers/visitors.

Search analytics gives you a window into the products your target audience searches for, what are the search terms they use, which of these search terms convert in sales and what are the products they can’t find through search.

It allows you to follow the interactions of your users according to your search suggestions and see the behavior of your site search, like oscillations in revenue.

9) Track your website’s performance metrics

So, you have a website fully SEO optimized, you created numerous pieces of content, you have made your competitor analysis. Now it’s time to track the progress.

Like we said in the beginning SEO is an ongoing process, which means that you need to track your performance in order to keep improving. Checking constantly for important metrics that define your website’s success will be fundamental to not only find weaknesses, but also to bolster your strongest assets.

Imagine you notice one of your pieces of content is having higher traffic than all the remaining ones. Perhaps you can update it with new information, optimize it with additional keywords, add internal links, promote it in your social media pages or repurpose it in video format.

Though, organic traffic is only one of many metrics you should track. Page speed, for example, is one of the patterns you must track, since as we revealed before, most people leave the page if it takes more than 2 seconds to load a website. Bounce rate is another important metric, as it shows the number of non-returning visitors: so you want to have the lowest bounce rate possible.

There are hundreds of important metrics and it is arguable which ones are more important. They depend on your niche and demographic target audience. You can check our case study about SEO ranking factors here.

10) Do everything 4 times more (more & longer blog articles, more backlinks, more research)

After following all these 9 steps you have to do it again. And again. And again. SEO is a never-ending process, you should not stop even if you achieve the first page of Google, otherwise your competitors will see the opportunity. Once you take the foot of the gas, someone else will steal your spotlight.

Continuous production of original quality content and constant updating your old articles that perform well is imperative. Investing in finding quality backlinks in authority websites that quote your website is indispensable.

Finally, you should keep track of your metrics, fixing your weak spots and investing in new opportunities to grow and expand your online footprint.

If you need assistance in creating a valuable SEO strategy that can put you on the first page of Google book a free audit with Fortis Media today.