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What does SEO stand for?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process through which your website or blog ranks on the pages of search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is divided on two separate parts: On-site SEO: consists on every detail that you should tweak inside your own website to optimize it, in order to rank higher during online searches. Off-site SEO: all the work developed outside your website that helps you rank higher. Inserting backlinks on other popular blogs is one example of off-site SEO. Fortis Media offers tutoring on SEO if you want to know further about what SEO stands for.

Why do I need SEO for my business?

Many business owners, whether they have a small online store or a multinational brand, aim for their website to generate as much traffic as possible. But what does SEO mean in business? Well, if you generate a constant source of traffic to your website, it means more clients are visiting your page and therefore more customers. Now remember that Google in 2019 received 2.3 trillion searches and that 67.60% of the clicks come from the first page. Do you realize now how important it is for your digital footprint that you invest in SEO?

How long does SEO process take?

Before any SEO campaign you have to set goals and understand what is the difficulty of the keyword on which you are trying to rank. It will take a much higher effort if you are trying to rank for ‘shoes’, than if you are looking for something more specific as ‘running shoes stores in California’. That’s why it is important to hire a SEO agency like Fortis Media, that will work with you and help to draw realistic goals, to achieve results in the shortest time possible.

What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

The difference between PPC and SEO is that while the Search Engine Optimization process brings organic results, the Pay-Per-Click does not. This means that although the process is more expensive, you can get results much quicker. So, the choice between PPC and SEO depends on your budget and how fast you want to achieve the results you aim for. To achieve perfect results the ideal is having both.

How much will it cost me to launch a SEO campaign?

Once again, it depends on your goals. A SEO campaign will be more costly if it is aimed to a keyword with higher difficulty, if it involves off-site SEO, on-site SEO, or both. To answer that question, simply contact us and share what your budget is and what are your needs. We will be glad to answer your doubts and find the most suitable price.

How do I get started?

To get started please click on Free Audit or contact us and receive a custom proposal. We are eager to collaborate with your company and we will help you get the best solution for your business!

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