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How Can Employer Branding Bring You Value?

By Arturas Stukalo
In today's competitive digital and offline landscape, businesses must establish a positive reputation, as consumers tend to engage more frequently with trusted businesses. 86% of job seekers research a company's reputation and brand before applying. No matter how large the salary might be, 75% of candidates don't want to work for a company with a bad reputation. Creating compelling brand stories around your products or services is a great start for a positive reputation building, but what about your employer brand? There's no denying the importance of managing your employer brand in a tight labor market, but the truth is that it must be always managed and influenced proactively; the importance cannot be overstated. In this article, you will learn how employer branding can bring value to your company and receive tips on creating a successful employer branding strategy. Let’s dive in.
How Can Employer Branding Bring You Value

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Table of contents

What is Employer Branding?

It is the process of building and promoting a company’s reputation as an employer of choice. Companies must create a positive image of themselves to attract potential candidates and employees and highlight their values, cultures, and benefits.

It is a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent, reducing recruitment costs, as well as improving employee engagement and productivity to have a strong employer brand.

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How does Employer Branding Benefit your Organization?

The task of recruiting and retaining the best employees becomes challenging – and costly – without employer branding. To drive your business forward, you need talented, leadership-bound employees, and the best way to find them is by casting the impression that your company is a great place to work.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 candidates would apply for a job when it’s from an employer brand that’s actively maintained? It’s not just the salary and benefits you offer; it’s the organization’s culture and how it treats its employees that can significantly affect the impression you want to make on prospective applicants.

Here are 6 reasons why employer branding is useful:

1.     More brand visibility and trust

The phrase “Nothing personal, it’s just business” is unsuitable when selling in B2B. By building brand trust and visibility, you don’t have to look too far; your employees in this situation are your advocates.

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”

– Zig Ziglar

A person who shares information from his background personally will always increase his network with acquaintances that would link him to his professional experience. So, when in need, a person from his network will know whom to contact for consultation or services directly.

2.     Increases website traffic and conversions

By creating a positive employer brand, you can also increase website traffic and conversions, leading to more significant revenue and sales for your company. For example, you can ask your employees to share their knowledge and share it on social media. It will be even more believable when you share actual quotes from current employees.

3.     Helps to attract new candidates (HR)

A strong employer brand can help HR teams attract high-quality candidates who fit the company’s culture and values well. Did you know that 62% of organizations say that employer branding is one of their most critical HR functions?

4.     Gives attractive storytelling opportunities

A solid employer brand also offers interesting storytelling possibilities that can be used to interest potential candidates and employees. It helps attract the attention of future talents and inspires them to work for your company. Not only that, but it also attracts like-minded candidates who can relate to your storytelling.

5.     Employees feel more confident in their field

A stronger employer brand can also help employees feel more confident in their area, which leads to higher job satisfaction and productivity. Give your employees a voice and the right platform; they will give you excellent employer branding in return.

6.     They improve their personal branding as well

Finally, a strong employer brand can help employees improve their personal branding, making them more attractive to potential employers in the future. Because it will help them.

What Channels Should be Used for Employer Branding?

1.     LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that’s great for businesses wanting to connect with potential clients or others in their industry. Potential job candidates often research potential employers on LinkedIn to determine if they would be a good fit for the company.

Using LinkedIn to show your company’s expertise can help establish your business as a leader in your industry and attract good leads. LinkedIn is also useful for advertising job openings, communicating with your employees, and reaching potential clients through paid advertising.

Additionally, LinkedIn provides a suite of tools for businesses to create and promote their employer brand, including company pages, job postings, employee testimonials, and targeted advertising options.

Interesting facts:

  • You can reach 900.2 million users.
  • Most popular in The United States has at least 200.0 million registered users, and India has 99.0 million registered users.
  • Most active demographic is men with 56.3%, and 60% of users are around 25-34 years old.
  • Ideal for B2B companies.

2.     Glassdoor

Another great platform for employee branding is Glassdoor. The platform allows current and former employees to leave anonymous reviews about their experience in your company. They can provide information about salaries, bonuses, promotions, interview questions, etc.

As you already know, employer branding refers to a process that helps you create a positive reputation and image of a company’s culture, and The Glassdoor platform can help you with it. As current and former employees can share their experiences. A positive review can attract potential job candidates, while a negative review can deter them.

In fact, 62% of Glassdoor users agree that their opinion of a company improves after an employer responds to a review.

Interesting facts:

  • Glassdoor has 55 million monthly visitors.
  • America was the first country to gain access to Glassdoor.
  • Most active demographic is women, with 51%.
  • 60% of Glassdoor users read at least five reviews before deciding on a company.

How to Ensure Successful Employer Branding?

1.     Motivate employees

Incentives and rewards motivating employees are essential to successful employer branding. It is possible to boost employee engagement and productivity by rewarding them for their hard work and encouraging them to feel satisfied with their work. Some effective incentive and reward programs include bonuses, profit sharing, stock options, and recognition programs.

2.     Lead by example

By setting a good example, you can inspire your employees. Successful employer branding can be demonstrated by highlighting positive company culture, demonstrating a commitment to employee development, and demonstrating social responsibility.

It will help to increase the employees’ productivity. Satisfied employees miss less work, are more positive, contribute more to discussions, volunteer for more projects, or help a colleague.

3.     Invest in training

Leaving your job is often attributed to boredom and a need for a change of pace. It should be relatively easy to resolve this issue. Training programs can help employees develop their skills and knowledge, leading to higher job satisfaction and improved performance.

Companies can provide management and leadership training, offer special certifications, and provide plenty of opportunities for career advancement to capture job candidate interest and commitment from their employees.

4.     Recognize employee results

Recognizing employee results and sharing them with the broader community can help to build a positive employer brand and improve employee morale. For example, companies can highlight individual and team accomplishments, share positive customer feedback, and celebrate significant milestones to build a positive company culture.

5.     Prioritize onboarding

For a new hire to become a productive member of your team, the first 90 days are critical. Companies can make a profound and lasting first impression by offering a smooth onboarding process.

It is essential because if newcomers have a bad experience, they will most likely seek a different job opportunity, and they could leave a bad review that is unsuitable for your company to attract talents and keep them.

Onboarding plays a significant role in establishing a positive company brand image. The key to ensuring employee engagement is to get them excited about their roles and teams from the very beginning.

 If you empower your new employees with the tools and instructions they need to succeed, their transition will be smooth, turnover will be lower, and they will be more productive.

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Bringing HR & Marketing Team Together

While HR teams focus on cultivating a positive company culture and values, marketing teams promote and showcase these values to the broader community. When they work together, they can craft engaging stories and campaigns that resonate with potential candidates and enhance the company’s employer brand.

Employee advocacy is a powerful tool in employer branding strategy, as it was mentioned before. Employers can create a trustworthy and authentic image of their brand by encouraging employees to share positive content about their workplace on social media.

Similar to customer reviews, potential candidates are more likely to trust the opinions of actual employees. Almost 90% of companies with successful employer branding believe in the power of employee advocacy and recognize that what employees say matters to the perception of their brand.

Employers can leverage employee sentiments in different ways, such as sharing reviews and testimonials on hiring pages or creating short interview videos for social media.

Share Quality & Interesting Content

To maintain a strong employer brand, companies should share quality and exciting content that reflects the company’s culture and values.

While using high-quality videos, photos, and slideshows effectively showcasing your company and its unique attributes. These can be used to tell your company’s story, celebrate diversity among your employees, and showcase your beautiful workspaces.

One effective way to introduce your company is by creating a welcome video from your CEO or hiring manager. At the same time, staff interviews can provide valuable insight into what working for your organization is like.

It’s essential to plan and budget for these marketing costs at the start of each quarter to ensure that you have the resources necessary to create compelling content that resonates with potential candidates.

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Choose the Right Channels

It’s essential to choose the correct channels for promoting employer branding. Different channels may be more effective for different target audiences, so it’s necessary to research and understand where potential candidates and employees are most active.

For example, social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok may be more effective if the company is looking to attract young professionals. On the other hand, LinkedIn may be the best channel for the company to attract more experienced professionals.

Companies can ensure that their employer branding efforts reach the right audience and achieve the desired results by choosing the proper channels.

If you need assistance finding the right channels for your company or want your company to be put on the first page of Google, contact us today.

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