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10 Best Enterprise SEO Tools to Try in 2024 (And Why)

By Enrika Maziliauskaitė
Navigating enterprise-level strategies in SEO is now made easier through analytics and automation tools. Read more below to see which tools best fit your current SEO needs.
10 Best Enterprise SEO Tools to Try in 2024 (And Why)

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Key Features to Look for in Enterprise SEO Software

A single enterprise SEO software won’t address your every need, but you can look for specific features that could help you immediately.

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Scalability and performance

According to Statista, scaling is the third-biggest challenge (11.9%) in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This challenge becomes even more critical for large websites.

Here are specific reasons why scalability is a challenge for an SEO strategy:

  • Handling massive amounts of data
  • Accommodating simultaneous users
  • Adapting to growing SEO trends

With thousands or even millions of pages at your disposal, scalability without compromising performance can help you rank higher on search engines. Having enterprise SEO software that addresses that need will also make your SEO efforts more cost-effective.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Imagine an all-in-one dashboard where you could analyze the performance of every page of your SEO strategy. Monitoring your progress on rankings is crucial for optimizing your playbook.

When canvassing for enterprise SEO software, look for tools that can provide you with advanced analytics insights on these metrics:

  • Organic traffic and click-through rate
  • Keyword rankings
  • Traffic sources for content optimization
  • Site speed and crawl errors
  • Backlink tracking

Accessing these metrics allows you to streamline your enterprise SEO strategy and potentially get a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Multi-user collaboration

Complex websites present complex issues regarding scalability at any given time.

For example, large-scale e-commerce websites operate on a 24/7 basis. A single person can’t manage all the SEO issues that may appear on these websites.

Enterprise websites typically have a team of multiple SEO professionals, meaning they need a tool that can accommodate a multi-user collaboration. The best SEO platforms provide options for multi-user accounts, as this helps them cover bases like:

  • Workflow efficiency
  • Streamlined task management
  • Real-time feedback
  • Scalability potential

Rather than using different tools, a common platform that provides various SEO solutions will greatly benefit your team.

Integration with other business systems

If you’ve successfully built an enterprise-scale website, chances are you already have an existing Content Management System (CMS) and other digital tools. You don’t want to start from scratch when you bring in an SEO tool for your team, so its integration with your existing systems is very important.

However, integration isn’t just about connecting your tools. Not all SEO tools offer seamless integration, especially if you consider these elements:

  • Easy onboarding for multiple users
  • Real-time synchronization of data
  • Project customization
  • Communication platform for various users

An enterprise digital marketing strategy relies a lot on the tools used, making integration all the more important for enterprise businesses.

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Top 10 Enterprise SEO Tools Compared

Determine your specific business objectives, then choose the best SEO marketing tools to address those goals immediately.

1. Semrush

Semrush is as close to an all-in-one suite that you can use for your enterprise SEO marketing efforts. It boasts many areas of interest, including SEO, content, market research, advertising, and social media.

It’s also one of the longest-running enterprise SEO platforms, which says a lot about its credibility and experience in the market.

Unique Features:

  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Competitor Public Relations (PR) monitoring
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) keyword research
  • Social media management
  • Website monetization


  • All-in-one digital marketing platform
  • Extensive database for keyword research
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free migration from third-party tools


  • Limited backlink analysis
  • Single user account for every plan (with extra charge for additional users)
  • More expensive than other enterprise SEO platforms

Semrush provides a free trial period for new users, so you don’t have to commit to a subscription immediately. Initially, Semrush offered a free trial period of 30 days. However, they shortened it to 14 days, although these weeks are enough to help you gauge Semrush’s unique features.

SEMRush Logo

2. Google Search Console

There’s no doubt that Google Search Console is still one of the most used SEO software around. The name speaks volumes: its data and solutions are directly connected to Google, which has 81.95% of the market share among other search engine names.

However, Google Search Console doesn’t rest on its laurels of being the official Google tool. It offers detailed insights into your website health and organic search performance.

Unique Features:

  • URL inspection tool for detailed crawl and index reports
  • Solutions for enhancing rich results
  • Test and track Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Detailed insights on local and international SEO


  • Free SEO tool
  • Easy integrations with other Google tools
  • Real-time email alerts on website issues
  • Overall website health monitoring


  • Limited keyword data
  • No provisions for competitor data
  • Basic backlink analysis

Consider Google Search Console as your direct line to Google and other related apps like Google Analytics and Google Ads. It also offers a relatively more straightforward interface, which is a big plus.

Google Search Console

3. Ahrefs

If you’re looking for an enterprise SEO platform that offers in-depth backlink analysis, Ahrefs is the way to go. They take pride in being the second-most active web crawler (with Google taking the top spot, of course), which means that their backlink index is arguably the best among other tools.

There’s more to Ahrefs than just being a backlinks reports platform, though. It’s a versatile SEO toolset that could help you improve your search engine rankings.

Unique Features:

  • Fast and extensive backlink crawler
  • Unique Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR) metrics
  • Historical data comparison


  • Offers free tools like backlink checker, website authority checker, and broken link checker
  • Provides content optimization
  • Strong customer support
  • Keyword research for multiple countries and languages
  • Granular analysis for ranking potential and backlink profiles


  • Does not offer a free trial
  • Limited capabilities for researching keywords
  • Limited provisions for technical SEO strategy enhancement

Ahrefs has been providing SEO solutions for over a decade, and its indexing capability is still the best in the market. Ahrefs does not offer a free trial, although it does allow multiple users for the Advanced and Enterprise subscription plans.

Ahrefs Logo

4. Moz Pro

Along with Semrush and Ahrefs, Moz Pro is another all-in-one SEO toolkit that could boost the visibility of your enterprise organization.

Founded in 2004, Moz started as an online community that eventually grew into an SEO platform. It still offers free SEO tools, and its Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) checker is highly recommended.

Unique Features:

  • MozBar SEO browser extension
  • Unique DA and PA metrics
  • Content gap and competitive analysis
  • Spam score detector


  • Large-scale SEO accuracy
  • A platform for fixing technical SEO issues
  • Search engine results pages (SERPs) analysis
  • Active community forum
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Limited social media analytics capabilities
  • Not a dedicated backlink analysis platform
  • Does not have extensive data for researching keywords

Along with its library of free tools and resources, Moz Pro also allows multiple users for its Medium, Large, and Premium subscription plans. Moz Pro also offers a free 30-day trial for its Medium subscription plan, showing how it can help you increase your organic traffic.

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5. BrightEdge

BrightEdge is a bit underrated, but it’s one of the best enterprise SEO tools. If you aim to increase your ranking on SERPs, BrightEdge can help you immediately.

Their flagship feature reveals a user’s search intent, giving you actionable insights to optimize your SEO campaigns.

Unique Features:

  • Search intent analysis
  • Autopilot Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance
  • Copilot content advisor
  • SEO opportunity advisor
  • StoryBuilder for organic search
  • Data Cube for automated reporting


  • Comprehensive coverage for large-scale use
  • Enterprise-grade scalability
  • Excellent customer support
  • Site audit capability
  • Relatively more accurate data than competitors


  • Complex learning curve
  • Limited backlink analysis
  • Limited integrations
  • Relative higher costs compared to other competitors

BrightEdge may not be suitable for small or medium-sized websites based on its pricing and large-scale features. BrightEdge’s official website also doesn’t display standard pricing rates; you need to contact them first to request pricing information.

Brightedge logo

6. Lumar

If you want to enhance your technical SEO elements, Lumar could be your best option.

Founded in 2010, Lumar has become a website intelligence solution for large-scale websites. Its point of emphasis is on technical SEO, although it does provide optimization services for your SEO, marketing, engineering, digital ops, and accessibility teams too.

Unique Features:

  • Quick crawling speed of up to 450 URLs per second
  • Traffic funnel visualization
  • Coverage for all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance standards automatable tests


  • Overall website health monitoring
  • Expert customer support
  • Easy platform integrations
  • Personalized platform demo


  • Limited capabilities for researching keywords
  • Additional charge for extra data usage
  • Steep learning curve
  • More expensive than other SEO tools

Along with enterprise-grade solutions like BrightEdge, Lumar is an enterprise-level SEO platform. Its pricing is higher than other tools, although it offers a personalized platform demo for those who want to try their SEO solution first.

7. Yoast

If you’re using the ever-reliable WordPress as your CMS, you may have used Yoast as your SEO plugin.

Yoast has long been viewed as one of the most reliable SEO plugins in the industry. Since it is also accessible to smaller websites, it doesn’t have a steep learning curve compared to other more complex brands in the SEO vendor market.

Unique Features:

  • Easy plugin integration into WordPress
  • Dedicated SEO app for Shopify and other e-commerce platforms
  • Redirect manager to prevent broken links


  • In-depth features for its free version
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick learning curve
  • Readability analysis for on-page content
  • Extensive library of tutorials, how-to guides, and online forums


  • Limited understanding of search intent
  • Keyword tracking exclusive in the premium version
  • Limited capabilities in competitive analysis

With its free version’s extensive features, Yoast still ranks ahead of similar WordPress SEO plugins like Rank Math, SEOPress, and Squirrly SEO. Yoast also offers a premium version, which includes extra tools such as multiple focus keywords, keyphrase suggestions, and AI-powered meta tags.

Yoast Logo


8. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool makes addressing your technical SEO issues easier.

The SEO Spider tool is a website crawler you can download and install on your local computer. It doesn’t have cloud-based software yet (and probably never will), but the desktop app is already a game-changer.

Unique Features:

  • JavaScript rendering
  • Unique crawl comparison
  • AMP crawling and validation
  • Site architecture visualizer


  • The free version can crawl up to 500 URLs
  • Detects broken links and fixes redirects
  • In-depth technical SEO audits
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics and Search Console


  • No cloud-based version
  • Limited analysis for content optimization
  • Limited capabilities for on-page and off-page SEO
  • Customizable features are exclusive to the paid version

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an excellent tool for technical SEO audits, but you won’t get comprehensive coverage for other SEO reporting aspects like keyword research and content creation.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Logo

9. Majestic

If you want to optimize your link-building strategies, Majestic is a great tool.

Backed by their Link Intelligence data, Majestic focuses on analyzing the quantity and quality of your backlinks. It can also provide you with your competitors’ backlink profiles, giving you an upper hand in web analytics.

Unique Features:

  • Trust flow
  • Citation flow
  • Topical trust flow
  • Link graph


  • Comes with a freemium version
  • Extensive backlink index with provision for historical backlink data
  • Focus keyword analysis
  • Provides competitors’ backlink profiles and analysis


  • Mixed reviews on customer support
  • Limited capabilities in content optimization
  • The high learning curve on premium subscription features

While Majestic does provide the limited but capable freemium model, it also offers an enterprise-level subscription plan that covers five users and up to 1,000 million analysis units.

Majestic Logo

10. Clearscope

Content is still king in search engine algorithms, so investing in an enterprise content marketing tool like Clearscope is wise.

Clearscope is one of the few SEO performance tools you can integrate with Google Docs and WordPress. It is an enterprise platform that many content marketers love to use.

Unique Features:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • SERP rankings analysis
  • Content grade indicator
  • Content inventory and rank tracking


  • Readability analysis for content clarity and flow
  • Internal linking suggestions
  • Seamless integration with Google Docs and WordPress
  • Unique content suggestions


  • Limited capabilities in technical SEO and link-building
  • Focuses on long-form content
  • Relatively high price for a content optimizer

If you want to address content issues to improve your online visibility, Clearscope is one of your best options. Otherwise, it’s recommended to integrate with other tools to complete other important SEO tasks.

Clearscope logo

Tips for Choosing the Right Enterprise SEO Tool

Improving your ranking on Google search results could come down to choosing the right enterprise SEO tool (or tools) for your website.

Consider your business needs

You don’t buy a toolbox without knowing what to fix. The same case applies to choosing the best SEO tool for your enterprise website. Along with observing the trends in your market and among your competitors, you also need to check the needs within your ranks.

Here are some of the most common business goals that an enterprise SEO software can address:

  • Facilitate an overall site audit
  • Produce optimized pages for your products
  • Increase position in search rankings
  • Enhance important elements of your site’s User Experience (UX)
  • Automate competitor analysis and rank tracking

When searching for the right tool, remember that each SEO software has its areas of specialization that could align with your specific goals.

How well does it integrate?

You may not have heard of this thing called “chemistry” between digital tools. Your life will be much easier if your digital tools or apps are compatible. Your SEO platform is no exception to this thought. For instance, can you connect your keyword research tool to your CMS?

Seamless integration with existing business systems is crucial for choosing enterprise SEO software. If you’re not careful, you might encounter these potential issues:

  • Data incompatibility
  • Limitations on Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Security and data privacy concerns
  • Inconsistency in workflows and data management
  • Expensive operational and maintenance costs

When you already have business systems, starting over with a new workflow may be challenging. So, choose an SEO software that could easily integrate with your already implemented system.

Consider the interface – is it user-friendly?

When you buy a toolbox, the first thing you’ll do after is to know how to use each tool. Without this knowledge, your tools become useless.

You can apply the same thought to your SEO platform — you should know how to use it efficiently. To this point, digital marketers look for a user-friendly interface when choosing an enterprise SEO platform.

Investing in an SEO solution that has a user-friendly interface will provide you with these benefits:

  • Improved team collaboration
  • Reduced training costs
  • Minimize errors
  • Faster decision-making
  • Enhanced data analysis

Even if these tools are far more automated than previous versions, they must still be operated and facilitated.

Consider customer support quality and training options

We talked about user-friendly interfaces as a critical feature of enterprise SEO software. Here’s another game-changing feature: customer support quality.

An SEO software seller’s work doesn’t stop when you purchase a subscription or license from them. Since you’ll be using the tool for a long time, their assistance from a customer support standpoint should also be top-notch.

About customer support, here are several resources you can expect from your SEO platform provider:

  • Onboarding assistance
  • Training books and manuals
  • Tailored assistance through chat and calls
  • Updates on new features and upcoming changes
  • Quick bug fixes on potential issues

Your enterprise website’s long-term collaboration with an SEO platform hinges on how well they can support you on your specific pain points.

Demos: does the tool offer them?

Investing in enterprise SEO tools could be costly for a large-scale business. Since there’s no perfect one-fits-all SEO software, you might consider using multiple tools for your website.

Of course, you don’t want to decide on the spot. That’s why you should request free demos or trials to reap these benefits:

  • Informed decision-making
  • Identification of potential limitations
  • More robust communication between vendor and customer
  • Reduced risk of failed investment

These demos, even if you can just try them out for a few days, will give you enough information on how SEO software can help your website stand out.

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How Enterprise SEO Platforms Impact Business Success

A long-term investment in enterprise SEO tools can increase your website’s awareness and authority.

Impact on website visibility and ranking

By the end of 2028, the global SEO market size might have already reached a staggering USD 122.11 billion mark. If you’re still looking for a reason to invest in SEO, here’s your number.

You cannot rely on traditional marketing strategies anymore. Your niche customers are more present on digital platforms, making enterprise SEO important in today’s digital age. By learning how to use enterprise SEO tools, you’re setting yourself up with these website visibility advantages:

  • Stay updated with algorithm changes
  • Go beyond basic keyword research
  • Automate tedious tasks
  • Gain access to data-driven insights

Search engines like Google are powerful marketing channels for your products, so don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Enhanced user experience

An enhanced UX boosts your website from the perspectives of search engine bots and your valued readers. It improves readability and navigation, which are very important for your ranking.

If you’re looking for SEO tools that can solve your UX issues, check if they can address these components:

  • Mobile responsiveness and page loading speed
  • User data protection
  • Core web vitals monitoring
  • Content readability
  • Broken link detection

Mere content is not enough to climb up the rankings. Make your website easy to use and navigate, and you’ll eventually see improvements in your SERPs performance.

Competitive advantage

According to a recent survey, AI and marketing automation are used the most in aligning web content with search intent. Using these automation tools for SEO is a proven way to increase visibility while helping you gain the upper hand over your competitors.

If you’re not convinced, here are several of the many competitive advantages that advanced SEO tools can give you:

  • Analyze competitor strategies
  • Gain deeper access to trending keywords
  • Get real-time alerts on on-site issues and bugs
  • Project future trends based on data and analytics

Here’s another proven tip: connect with digital marketing experts to get the most out of your SEO tools. Digital marketing agencies like Fortis Media (us) and other trusted brands can manage all your SEO needs. Do a thorough background check first, as your long-term partnership is crucial to success.

ROI and business growth

SEO can directly impact your ROI and business growth. Statista found out that 59% of their survey respondents reported that their SEO efforts increased ROI.

So, how does a successful SEO playbook positively affect business growth? Here are some examples:

  • Improvements in lead generation and demand generation
  • Higher brand awareness and authority
  • Potential to save on costs and resources
  • Measurable results through analytics apps

Now is the right time if you haven’t jumped into the SEO bandwagon yet.

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Enterprise SEO Tools: Key Takeaways

To cover all bases and ensure your website is fully optimized, you can tap into the different enterprise SEO tools available in the market.

If you’re unsure where to start, you can always schedule a free consultation with trusted digital marketing experts like Fortis Media. They can conduct an overall site audit, taking note of specific areas where you could improve your SEO strategies.

FAQs About Enterprise SEO Tools

  • What is an enterprise SEO platform?

    An enterprise SEO platform is a software solution specifically designed to boost the online visibility of large-scale organizations. Made to address the needs of multiple websites, a large-scale SEO software packs powerful features that cover a wide array of pain points.

  • How do I scale my enterprise SEO program?

    Technical capabilities and business resources are crucial in scaling an enterprise SEO program. A large-scale SEO campaign requires a dedicated SEO team, a scalable budget for upcoming expenses, and investment into different SEO programs and tools.

  • What is the difference between enterprise SEO and traditional SEO?

    The elements of enterprise SEO differ from traditional SEO in terms of scalability, volume, and complexity. Traditional SEO focuses on optimizing aspects for a single or small website or business, while an enterprise-level SEO campaign produces different strategies for multiple sites or a large organization.

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